Abstract of the Thesis

NoNameThesis TitleAbstract
1Andi UmrahwatiDevelopment of Teaching Materials Programmable Logic Controller Trainer Module at the Department of Electronics Engineering Education, Makassar State Universityview
2Erli SugianaDevelopment of an RFID-based tool lending system in the laboratory.view
3HildaThe effectiveness of the online learning model in the K3 subject at the Electronics Engineering Department, FT UNM.view
4Muhammad Akib MusrahDevelopment of Arduino Microcontroller-Based 3D Printing Tools. Thesis. Faculty of Engineering, Makassar State University,view
5NurmalasariIoT-based Smart Irrigation System Development in Rice Fieldsview
6Syahruni MeilaniAnalysis of Student Learning Motivation in Using Labview Software in Practical Control and Data Acquisition Courses in the Mechatronics Vocational Education Study Program, FT-UNM.view
7Muhlis Bin DirmanDevelopment of Color Based Object Follower Robot Using Pixy 2 Camera and Arduino to Support Robotics Practice Learning in Mechatronics Vocational Education Study Program Makassar State Universityview