AspectCode . Study program learning achievement
AttitudePLO_1Forming basic character and ethics and internalize a good scientific attitude, critical thinking, and innovative skills of an educator
PLO_2Perform a responsible frame of mind in a team, either as a member or leader, in activities related to the program’s discipline                                                      
PLO_3Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit in order to develop and adapt to future challenges.
KnowledgePLO_4Have the knowledge of fundamental in Electronics and its derivate including basic theory and concepts of computer, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, Telecommunications, Data Base, Programming Algorithm, Information Technology and management, and the advance topics of either Microprocessor, Digital Transformation, Computer Network System and Security, Cloud Computing, Mechatronic automation, robotic, medical electronics system or Electronics Control Systems.
PLO_5Able to design, implement, and evaluate learning based on pedagogic principles by integrating character values ​​in the field of Electronics Engineering.
PLO_6Composing basic engineering principles with respect to electronics engineering and education.
General skillsPLO_7Perform a logical systematic procedure to solve problems, then communicate their ideas in a convincing and effective manner, either in written or orally, to propose solution for the development of Electronics and Education.
PLO_8Accomplish the tasks in Electronics and related field includes  education instructional design within their professional responsibilities based on legal and ethical principles
PLO_9Able to study the implications of the development or implementation of technological science that consider and applies the values of the humanities according to their field of expertise.
Specific CompetencePLO_10Apply the knowledge of electronics and other related disciplines to analyze and identify solutions for any electronics and computing-based problem
PLO_11Able to innovate in learning both in lesson planning, learning process and evaluation of learning outcomes in the field of Electronic Engineering Education.
PLO_12Able to design, implement, and evaluate an electronics and computing-based solution to meet a given set of electronics or computing requirements includes technical standard, quality of services,  reliability, implementation readiness, and sustainability.